Should You Outsource Your Nonprofit Payroll?

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  • May 27, 2015
  • Should You Outsource Your Nonprofit Payroll

    Running a non-profit organisation is a constant challenge thanks to the limited funding, multiple missions and the logistical barriers, which is leading many people to look into payroll services as an option to lessen the burden. If you are considering doing so, you should assess the benefits that this will give, anything from less errors and problems with tax filing to more time to focus on your mission, your volunteers and your donators so that your charity can survive and blossom and accomplish what it has been set up to accomplish in the first place. In fact, outsourcing when you are in the non-profit business is a good idea considering the non-profit tax differences.

    Tax and non-profit organizations

    Even though the work of non-profit organizations is generally very different from regular companies, they are still expected to deal with taxes in the same stringent and strict ways. Money should be withheld from employees for different purposes, including but not limited to unemployment and health benefits and other general government taxes. The problem with non-profit organization is that many people are in the work for its mission and broader goals instead of the money and hence it is difficult to find so find some detail to get well trained payroll professionals.

    Withholding and deducting Tax

    This is one of the most important issues that non-profit organizations should be considering whenever they are thinking about payroll outsourcing. It is common that many non-profit organizations become charitable meaning that they can give deductible tax receipts for their donors. This is a specific area that needs to be handled properly by an accounting expert. This responsibility falls under the same job description as the person dealing with payrolls as they are related and often non-profit does not have more than one person working on those files. In this case outsourcing may be beneficial, if the organization has the means.

    The primary focus should the mission and not the money

    For many non-profit organisations the goal is accomplishing missions and campaigns. They will often use limited resources to direct the efforts in this area. Hence, they may not have resources to be working on payroll services. This makes outsourcing a much better option that is also more time saving.

    Keep the payroll business for the pro

    As already mentioned, many non-profit organizations are working on many different things and are often under sourced.  They need to be focusing and even reworking their goals, and starting campaigns and finding money to fund them. These are too many tasks with much limited resources than other organizations which means that outsourcing is probably a better idea, if anything to take one of the many tasks off their plate.

    In order to be successful and reach its goals a company needs to remain focused. However planning the payroll is a time consuming task that is often not very pleasant. You can also find information and detail here It is a logistical difficulty but is super essential and necessary for its survival which something non-profit should consider when choosing to do payroll outsourcing.

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