Top 7 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing for Small Businesses

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  • June 4, 2015
  • Top 7 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing for Small Businesses

    Many companies prefer payroll outsourcing to in-house payroll department. In essence, payroll outsourcing is the act of contracting the task to service vendors who specialize in organizing and maintaining the entire payroll system.If you are looking for services then you can check this site for best services. This includes calculating and maintaining the taxes, calculating the hours that employees have worked, and making sure that the organization complies to set laws and regulations. Organizations can opt to use the service and enjoy these 7 — and many more other — benefits:

    Top 7 Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing for Small Businesses

    1. Payroll Outsourcing Saves Time

    Processing payroll manually takes a lot of time which consequently affects efficiency of a company. When you outsource, you create more time for the staff to pursue activities that add value and generate income for the company. Business can now focus their energy and attention on consumers since the payroll preparation has been delegated to a third party.

    1. Payroll Outsourcing Cuts Down Costs

    Statistics reveal that small businesses in the US, with 20 employees on average, normally spend approx $5,200 annually for payroll labor. The figures drastically reduce with the service providers. Even though hiring part time accountants and bookkeepers can help a bit, payroll outsourcing still offers the best solution.

    1. Payroll Outsourcing Prevents Penalties from the IRS

    The IRS normally collects $845 annually on small businesses that submit their filings late or make the incorrect payments. With payroll providers, such occurrences are eliminated and in the event that penalties are incurred because of irregularities, the providers accept liability. Businesses that worry less about the IRS are certainly more productive.

    1. Payroll Outsourcing Alleviates Migraines

    Migraines will never cease when manual payroll is used. Smart business owners are aware of this and this is why they prefer to outsource. Once you get the tedious and painful task out of the way, running your business will be more fun and enjoyable.

    1. Payroll Outsourcing Provides Direct Deposit

    Most companies find it hard to make direct deposits to employees since the bank trips can interfere with normal operations. Handling the task over the phone is convenient but can lead to errors that will need reconciliation later on. To avoid all this, opt for outsourcing. Printed checks will be a thing of the past which will make the employees happier.

    1. Payroll Outsourcing Prevents Technological Headaches

    Technology changes rapidly and it’s easy to be left behind. New versions of tax tables and payroll software are being introduced almost on a daily basis. Keeping up can be quite challenging. Besides, using the incorrect tax tables when calculating can lead to unbearable penalties from IRS. Service providers ensure that you need not worry about updating the tables and software.

    1. Payroll Outsourcing Access to Expertise

    Government reforms constantly change thus affecting withholding rates and other relevant regulations. When small businesses outsource for payroll services, they are able to access expertise and knowledge that is normally available to larger corporations only.

    Payroll outsourcing helps a business remain on top of its game which will in turn increase revenue and assist it to grow exponentially. All in all, relying on controllers or bookkeepers to manage the payroll can be risky. They’ll certainly leave you when they get better offers from other companies. Still, you don’t need to train anyone to do the job for you, just outsource it.

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